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09.10.2012 -
18-21 MARCH 2011 -
16.09.2010 - A New Investment from Akat Cosmetics

Akat Cosmetics started the building of its new factory on an area of 24.000 m² in the industrial zone of Cerkezkoy. The construction which is planned to finish in the middle of 2011 with the state-of-art machine park and modern structure in the production facility, will have an indoor area of 14.000 m².

07.09.2010 - Double Tax for Propellants Made Trouble, Cosmeticians Let the Market to the Imported Products

Cosmeticians who faced with double taxes by paying taxes to the LPG which is used as propellant in products such as deodorant and hair spray let the 90 % of the internal market to the imported products. Mehmet Akat, owner of Akat Cosmetics, said “Foreign Chain Markets make purchase to their stores in Turkey from foreign countries. There is no trouble like this for imported products. Production for inner market has been moved to Neighbor Countries.”
Cosmeticians, who pay double excise tax for the products such as deodorant, room spray and hair spray, let the inner market to the imported products. The sector paying excise tax while buying LPG used as propellant in said products complains that they pay double taxes by also paying excise tax while selling the products. Mehmet Akat, executive board member of the Association of Aerosol Industrialists and the owner of Akat Cosmetics mentioned that the cost of domestic product is 23 % more than the imported product with the adding of VAT and this causes unfair competition and told that the inner market has been closed to the domestic producer.

The inner market closed

Mehmet Akat telling that while the 70 % of the market was composed of domestic production in 2002, now 90 % of the market is composed of imported products said “Domestic producers try to survive with exports. The market is closed for us by the double tax. There are companies stopped their production. Some companies moved to foreign countries to sell their products in Turkey.” Bulgaria, Romania and Egypt are ahead among the countries the companies moved their production to.

Moving to Bulgaria

By giving examples from the sector, Akat said “Odul Pharmaceuticals terminated its production. Eczacıbaşı was making production for Nivea and 8x4 in the past. Now it brings them from abroad.” Mehmet Akat who explained that he is planning to perform filling in Bulgaria by building a facility there, told that: “I’m transferring the production to another country in order to get over the unfair competition caused by the excise tax. I export the products I produced in the country. I import the products which I produced in another country to Turkey. Foreign companies have been having contract manufacturing in Turkey now importing products from abroad. The brand of SC Johnson Glade is not produced by Johnson&Johnson cologne. Unilever desisted to produce Rexona, Axe and Fa in Turkey.”

Spain has but we don’t

While mentioning that they signed a contract for Dia Spain in a private label fair he joined in Holland, Akat said that “I can make production for Dia in Spain. But I can’t for Dia in Turkey. Metro, Carrefour do not supply such products from Turkey anyhow. But the same Metro, Carrefour makes purchase for their stores in other countries.”

Excise Tax should be completely annulled

Hayrunnisa Aligil, the president of the Association of Cosmetic Preparations who explained that washing the hair with shampoo, using deodorant and perfume, shaving and rubbing cream is not luxury but daily need, said “If the excise tax is made zero, our sales and production will increase, so we can employ more workers. Moreover informality can be prevented. We request the annulment of excise tax from the government. We made several attempts about this matter up to now. But the governments didn’t keep their prospects warm by the reason that it will lead to a decrease in the income of the state. But we have a counter idea. We believe that the income of the state will increase and the informality will decrease.” Ahmet Pura, the president of TOBB (Turkish Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges) Industrialists’ Assembly of Cosmetic and Cleaning Products mentioned about the increase in personal care products in spite of the crisis and said that “The sale of personal care products had an increase of 9.9 % and cleaning products of 13 % in 2008. During the four months of this year the sale of personal care products had an increase of 16.5 % and cleaning products had an increase of 14 %. Double tax is a wrong implementation for the sector which increased its sales in spite of the crisis. We request the excise tax to be annulled and the VAT rates to be overviewed.”

Unfair competition affects the domestic producers negatively

The Association of Istanbul Chemical Substances and Products Exporters which mentioned that the Turkish Cosmetics market having 2.4 million dollars and employing 14 thousand people in Turkey has been having trouble because of the double tax, called for the annulment of the double taxes with the other associations having activities in cosmetic sector at the meeting it held. The president of İKMİB, Murat Akyüz said that “We use LPG which is a kind of propellant in the production of products daily used such as deodorant, hair mousse, shaving foam and room spray. Although it is a raw material, we pay excise tax. When the products are offered for sale, they are considered in luxury products category. We pay excise tax again. We also pay VAT. When you add them up, a price difference of upto 23 % arises between domestic and imported products. It is hard to survive within the unfair competition caused by this.

07.09.2010 - Elected as the president with a vote 149 more than his closest competitor

The president Murat Akyüz has become the winner party at the last election of The Association of Istanbul Chemical Substances and Products Exporters which firstly had three candidates and a disputed process in its history. The election which was held in the Foreign Trade Complex on 13th of April was very interesting because of the competition of three lists.

Murat Akyüz, having been the president of İKMİB for four years, preferred blue scarf for his campaign. The group of Metin Uysal including PETKIM with yellow ribbons and the group of Nevzat Demir who is the owner of Fırat Plastics with orange ties composed an environment of spring in Foreign Trade Complex. The election held with the participation of 1080 companies was won by the President Murat Akyüz with a vote 149 more than his closest competitor. In the election in which Akyüz got 435 votes, Metin Uysal got 286 and Nevzat Demir got 272 votes.

Murat Akyüz, the president of The Association of Istanbul Chemical Substances and Products Exporters, who said that our goal is to be a guide of our exporters, to solve their problems and to increase our export by making our sector a brand around the world, thanked to the exporters participating in the election and claiming to be the owner of their sector in his speech he made after the announcement of the results. He mentioned that three different lists made a competition to serve chemicals sector and they will continue to work together in the future like in the past for the sector. Akyüz who mentioned that İKMİB is the union said that they are planning to serve to the sector and to Turkey with the other candidates.

The names taking place in the executive board list of Akyüz who mentioned that the export of the sector doubled since the beginning of his presidency in 2006 and associated it with their successful works are below:

Mehmet Akat-Akat Kozmetik, İsmail Selçuk Aksoy-Aksoy Plastik, Baha Telli-Boysan Boya, Orhan Turan-Ode Yalıtım, Faik Bitlis-Polisan Boya, Necmi Sadıkoğlu-Hacıoğulları Boya, Ersin Tari-Gold Kimya, İslam Kaya-Kayaplas Kayalar, Mustafa Yelkenci-Yepsa Yelkenciler, Ahmet Haşim Çetin Çetin Plastik.

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